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For a successful photo shoot it is imperative that the home is prepared. When the home is not staged it is required that certain preparations are taken to ensure the most incredible photographs, videos, etc are captured. Even when staged the items below should be verified prior to the appointment. All preparation needs to be completed prior to our arrival.

Note: We will take the time to do a full walk-through of the house to arrange things so they look nice and are symmetrical, fluff up pillows, straighten chairs etc, but we do not move furniture or stage the home. Other than minor changes, the home will be serviced as it is when we arrive. 

We will contact the client prior to the appointment to ensure the property is fully prepared for the photo shoot. We often do several photo shoots in a day so efficiency and being able to provide you with the perfect product is very important to us.

Living Space and Bedrooms

  • Declutter all spaces including fireplace mantel
  • Ensure personal photos are taken down and put away in a closet or cabinet
  • Clean, vacuum, dust and ensure all areas are tidy
  • Turn on all lights
  • Ensure all pillows are arranged and fluffed
  • Make all the beds neatly (with decorative pillows if possible)
  • Put away charging cables/stations
  • Remove and put away any jewelry boxes etc from the top of dressers/nightstands
  • Daily use items should be stored
  • Ensure windows are clean


  • Declutter
    • Remove unnecessary small appliances, magazines, mail, supplies etc
  • Ensure garbage cans, if not already in a cabinet, are not in sight
  • Remove all fridge magnets, photos etc
  • Clean counter tops 
  • Turn on all lights
  • Arrange any chairs that are visible so they are aligned neatly
  • Ensure sink is clean and dish free
  • Clean and polish all appliances


  • Close all linen closets
  • Clean and declutter the counter top(s)
    • Ensure all oral care products and tools are put away
    • Ensure all make-up products and cleaners are put away
    • Declutter entire area
  • Put the toilet seats down
  • Turn on all lights
  • Remove floor mats
  • Remove all personal cleaning products from the shower area


  • Remove cars from driveway
  • Clean the pool if one exists
  • Ensure tables and chairs are neatly aligned and clutter free
  • Put any trash, recycle and compost bins in the garage in a tidy manner
  • Mow the lawn
  • Trim any shrubs
  • Weed any gardens
  • Remove any nests
  • Ensure patio and porch are clean and clutter free
  • Ensure cushions are in place
    • If faded cushions exist try to replace them
  • Remove water hoses and carts
  • Remove toys

We want to ensure only the best possible photographs and video for your listing. If the steps above are followed it will allow us to efficiently go through the home and help to make your home look perfect.

We Will Take Care of Everything For You

Step 1

We complete the photography, videography, drone, floor plans etc

Step 2

We put together, colour correct and light correct all your footage and photos

Step 3

We develop a website with a specific link for your property with all the footage and photos. Click here to see a sample website

Step 4

We provide you with an individual link to your own website and or your media containing all of your service results for you to use as needed

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