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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.
How long does a photo shoot take?

This question is not easy to answer in a FAQ as the time required can vary widely. For example if we are taking only photos of a high rise condo it will be less than an hour. To the other extreme, if we are doing photo’s, video, drone, 360 virtual tour and floor plans on a 3000 sq ft house it can take 2 to 4 hrs.

What is the turn around time for receiving all of the service results?

It will depend on the number of services you request. Typically, it will range from 24 hours for basic services to 48 hours for extended services. Rush service (same day), is available for a 20% surcharge.

Who owns the rights to the service results, i.e. photos, video’s etc?

4Sight Photography retains the rights/copyrights and ownership to all service results unless additional licensing fees are paid at the time of the photoshoot. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for full details

If, as an agent, you wish to use any of the results as promotional material, please contact us so we can arrange for continued use. This may involve a nominal fee for licensing. All results, photos, video’s etc may NOT be used for any Airbnb, rental or other advertisements unless this service is specifically purchased. This would be infringing on the copyrights of the service results and subject to fees. Please contact us if this is the service desired.

What needs to be done before a photo shoot?

It is imperative that the home be photo shoot ready. for a list of preparation items Click Here. We do not make any changes to the home other than moving a few minor items to make the photo shoot look better if necessary. We do not clean, declutter, stage or otherwise change the home. It is the responsibility of the home owner/client/real estate agent/stager to ensure that the home is ready for us to arrive. Once we arrive, we will provide the service contracted for and the results of those services regardless of the preparation status.

What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?

If you need to reschedule/cancel your service please provide a minimum 48 hours notice. If a reschedule/cancellation occurs with less than 48 hours notice a $100 fee will be applied and invoiced.Less than 24 hours notice and 100% of the fee will be billed. If the home is not ready/available at the scheduled time when we arrive we will wait….patiently. Once we reach 30 minutes past our scheduled start time a $100 surcharge will be added. If, however, we reach one full hour without being able to access the house/begin the services, the complete service will be canceled and a 100% cancelation fee will be invoiced.

What are your payment terms?

Payment can be made via etransfer to No service results are provided until payment is received.

Can I provide you with the lock box number for access to the home?
Yes and no. If the home is vacant, i.e. nobody lives there, then we are comfortable entering the home and completing the service. If, however, the home is occupied, we will not enter the home without a representative present for liability reasons.
How can I book an appointment?
You can book online or call us.
How and when are my results delivered?
We provide an Google Drive specific to you. Any and all services you purchase are provided there. If you are an agent and contract us to complete many homes then each home will be provided its own folder under your name so you can access them individually.
What if the weather is bad on the scheduled day of the shoot?
We will complete the interior work and reschedule for the exterior if necessary
Is it safe to fly a drone over a residential house?
Yes. All of our equipment is inspected before each flight, batteries are fully charged and your drone operator is licensed by NAVCAN. We do not fly during inclement weather and all people nearby and the property are our top priority. We never sacrifice safety for a video
What is HDR?
HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a method of photography that allows us to capture light in the same way our eyes do. A photograph is taken with 3 to 5 images, all at varying exposures. This captures the darker areas with brilliance and the brighter areas in detail. We then merge the exposures to pull together the best of each image into one. At 4Sight we always use 5 images for every HDR photo to get every detail. While many photographers use software that will utilize one photo and give it a look that is similar to HDR, there is no comparison to using 3 to 5 images and manually creating a true HDR image. This is how 4Sight Photography ensures that you receive the best quality images.
Do you use HD and HDR techniques/technology?
In every way, yes. Every video utilizes HD and for every photo we use HDR.
Why are your rates higher than others?
We take the time to manually provide the best HDR photographs, HD video and website you can receive. While we cannot speak to how other photographers conduct their business, we can assure you that the amount of time required to do the job right is not represented in a $200 fee.
Is the website/service results provided compatible with smartphones and tablets?
All pages are fully compatible and scaled for IOs and Android devices

We Will Take Care of Everything For You

Step 1

We complete the photography, videography, drone, floor plans etc

Step 2

We put together, colour correct and light correct all your footage and photos

Step 3

We develop a website with a specific link for your property with all the footage and photos. Click here to see a sample website

Step 4

We provide you with an individual link to your own website and or your media containing all of your service results for you to use as needed

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