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4Sight Real Estate Photography

Our Integrated Suite of Services

HDR and Flambient Photography

If you are looking for life-like, vividly colourful and perfectly framed photographs, we take the time to perfect each and every photo utilizing HDR and Flambient techniques. This gives you the best possible photography for your listings and or promotion.

Cinematic Videography

Utilizing state of the art gimbals, Canon camera’s and tripods we are able to delivery beautiful, cinematic video of your subject with stunning colour and lighting.

Licensed Drone Services

We are fully licensed with Transport Canada for drone flights and provide stable, colourful video from a birds eye view of the home and property utilizing both a Mavic 2 Zoom and DJI Mavic Mini. All video from the drone service can be used in your cinematic video online.

360 Tours

Matterport 360 tours are the wave of the future and you have it right here with 4Sight Photography. We complete a 360 degree scan of the entire home that is used to create a complete walk-through giving potential buyers and clients a chance to tour the house or facility before they ever set foot on the property.

Floor Plans

Using incredible technology we are able to create an accurate floor plan of the project to include in your listing, promotion and website for potential buyers and clients to view and plan their purchase with.

Individual Web Sites

We will put together all of your services in one, easy to navigate web site with a specific link that potential buyers and clients can go through to see all photo’s, video, details and floor plans. Then we will send the photographs, video, floor plans and or interactive tour to you for use anywhere else you may need them.
The Challenges You Face to Great Content

Shooting Great Videos and Photos is Part Art and Part Science…

Window Lighting

Often, when photographing the interior of a home the windows are over exposed and the room is underexposed. This leaves the interior looking dark. In post production this can be corrected but then the window is left as a blank, white box. By using HDR and Flambient techniques which is essentially combining up to 7 identically placed images, each with a different exposure, as well as flash shots, into one picture, the result is a well exposed picture with exterior visible through the window and the interior is perfectly exposed.

Angles of Photographs

Depending on the angle that a photo is taken it can make a room either look large and inviting or small and cramped. Angles mean everything when taking each picture. We take the time to assess each room and ensure that we are getting the best angles. We will also take multiple angles to view in post production and determine which picture is best for showing.

Colour Correction

Colours in photographs can often be dull due to poor lighting conditions or lack of lighting. We take the time to bring colours back to life in every picture taken. Through post production processing we increase lighting where necessary and put vibrance into the colour palette of the photographs. This makes each and every picture look warm, welcoming and alive.


About 4Sight Photography

This began as a love of photography. From the age of 18 yrs young (not to age myself too much but that was 1985), with my trusty, first (used) camera, the Canon AE1 Program, I went through one roll of film after another. Learning lighting, landscape, interior etc. Over the years the love for photography has not changed but has expanded into digital HDR photography, videography, 360 cameras and aerial drone footage. 

This business began after seeing many Real Estate Agents from my Home Inspection company, 4Sight Home Inspections, struggling to get excellent marketing photos, video, 360 virtual tours and floor plans.

Michael Mischke, 4Sight Photography

We Will Take Care of Everything For You

Step 1

We complete the photography, videography, drone, floor plans etc

Step 2

We put together, colour correct and light correct all your footage and photos

Step 3

We develop a website with a specific link for your property with all the footage and photos. Click here to see a sample website

Step 4

We provide you with an individual link to your own website and or your media containing all of your service results for you to use as needed

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