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HDR and Flambient Explained

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR or High Dynamic Range is the process of taking multiple images that are identical with the exception of each being of a slightly different exposure than the others. Typically it is 5 frames set about two stops apart. This gives us the ability to blend or merge the different exposures to create a picture that is closer to what our eyes see. Colours are more vivid, lighting is not blown out and the room looks more like real life. Directly below is a good example of an HDR shot. Interior is nice and clean lines, lighting is good and shadows are minimal.

Flambient (Flash/Ambient)

Flambient photography is essentially taking multiple images, at least one being ambient (we always use HDR to pull our ambient from) and one or more being flash shots, and blending the images to give clear, clean images with true colours. By using practiced techniques we can obtain beautiful views of the exterior from inside the home through Window Pulls. A window pull is simply pointing the flash directly at the window you want to get the view from then blending the beautiful exterior image with the flambient shot(s) from the interior. By using what we call a “window pull” we are able to bring the outside in and showcase any view that you want highlighted. In the case below the substantial natural light from the large window provides great colour but when needed the flambient technique also improves the colour perception of the camera.

We Will Take Care of Everything For You

Step 1

We complete the photography, videography, drone, floor plans etc

Step 2

We put together, colour correct and light correct all your footage and photos

Step 3

We develop a website with a specific link for your property with all the footage and photos. Click here to see a sample website

Step 4

We provide you with an individual link to your own website and or your media containing all of your service results for you to use as needed

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